The Eraserheads Live! Final Set Song List (Updated)

The Eheads – Marcus Adoro, Ely Buendia, Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala – played a total of 28.5 songs spread in 4 sets and in 3 long hours last night (March 7, 2009) at the SM Mall (MOA) of Asia Concert Grounds!   That’s the longest concert held by a single band that I’ve ever attended.  I believe it’s more that just 3 hours. The concert last night was just the final set. The first set (Eraserheads: The Reunion) was on August 30, 2008. I was there too. So technically, the concert lasted for 7 months and 7 days. That long!


Here are the songs…

Set 1

  1. Magasin
  2. Walang Nagbago
  3. Maling Akala
  4. Maskara
  5. Poor Man’s Grave
  6. Waiting for the Bus //Right be for the song, the crowd was shouting “Group hug! Group hug! Group hug!” Ely replied: “Kayo muna!” And there was a brief moment of laughter from the audience.
  7. Huwag Mo Nang Itanong //The Eheads played this song Reggae-style. Groovy! Marcus was on vocals!  I will never foreget the whimsical changes to the lyrics like “At di ko sasabihin sayo…”
  8. Slo mo
  9. Alkohol //For those of you who don’t know, Radio Active Sago’s rendition of Alkohol was actually a tribute to the Eraserheads.  Raims did a good job on the vocals.  Full of energy. It was almost like Sandwich! Haha. Moreover, I believe everyone will never forget the moment when Raims posed with Ely for a good 15-30 seconds for some photo op in the middle of the song.
  10. Insomnia //I believe after this song, the crowd was requesting Buddy to sing. “Buddy! Buddy! Buddy!” Jazz was quick to play the intro of the Fabulous Baker Boy on the keyboards. Buddy sang the first line: “They come to me for doughnuts…” Stop. And everyone laughed.And how can we all forget? Ely said: “On vocals… Raimund Marasigan!”
  11. Torpedo

Set 2 //This acoustic set is the most memorable one for me. They played songs that I’ve never imagined them perform in a concert. Not to mention, I’ve never seen them on an acoustic setup.

  1. Julie Tearjerky
  2. Tikman
  3. Wishing Wells
  4. Fine Time
  5. Pare Ko
  6. Kailan //Ely goes solo with Jazz Nicolas on keyboards. Loved it!
  7. Back2Me
  8. Trip to Jerusalem
  9. Spolarium
  10. Overdrive //After the song, I thought it was over but no one was leaving. No one.

Set 3 //This is supposedly their final set

  1. Superproxy //Too bad Francism didn’t make it. Sad. He was going to jam with the Eraserheads. I’m not sure if he was gonna rap or sing.  Again for those of you who don’t know, in the Cutter Pillow version, Ely sang while Francism rapped.  In the Ultraelectromagneticjam version, Francism sang while Ely rapped.  Last night, Ely did both – sing and rap.
  2. Minsan //It was a very heartfelt song. You can tell from Ely’s voice and facial expression. One of my friends even got teary-eyed.
  3. Alapaap
  4. Kaleidoscope World //This is the 0.5 song in my count.  The Eheads played the chorus. “Every color, every hue, is represented by me and you… in this kaleidoscope world.”
  5. Huling El Bimbo //As expected this will be their finale. As the song was about to end, Ely lit the piano at his back on fire. I believe it was the piano at the album cover of Sticker Happy. At this point everyone was roudy and shouting “Woooo!” Finally, the fans got their “group hug.” Technically it was just a group bow.  I was really delighted with Ely’s enthusiasm as he was the one calling rest of the band, Raims, Buddy, Marcus and Jazz (their sessionist / drummer of the “Evil” Itchyworms).  They “hugged” and bowed together.Oh I forgot, Ely threw his sneakers! Both of them!

Set 4 //Some of the people started leaving. But, it seemed like Raims wasn’t contented with the 3 sets. He wanted more. And so did we! He called everyone and even asked the crown to call out the other band members! Ely! Marcus! Buddy!

  1. Ligaya
  2. Sem break //I think Ely jumped to the 3rd stanza so the song was “cut short.” After the last note of the song, he was about to sing another stanza then he realized “Ay tapos na pala…”
  3. Toyang //At this point Ely went down the stage spent some time with the fans.  As he was going back on stage, he passed the microphone to Tim Yap. He was supposed to sing the line “Pero pero pero malinis to…” Instead, he mistakenly sang “Pen pen pen de sarah pen…” I feel so embarassed for him. Tim Yap BOOOOO!!!

And that was the greatest concert EVER!