Wolfgang – The Black Christmas Project Photos

December 10, 2008 | 7pm | Eastwood City – Wolfgang (Basti Artadi, Manuel Legarda, Mon Legaspi, and Francis Aquino) opened their set with Sanctified. They played about 10 songs. The ones I know are:

  • Darkness Fell
  • Mata ng Dios
  • Natutulog Kong Mundo

Since their promoting their new album, Villains, they played new songs which I believe are:

  • Ibrahim
  • John of the Cross
  • Novus Is Burning

Finally, they ended it with Arise and Halik ni Hudas.

Although my Canon EOS 400D + Zoom Lens EF 55-200mm was used, it was Miggy of OdysseyLive.net who took these photos.

All the post production / photo enhancements, however, were done by me. Hope you guys like what I did.

More photos at http://benalegre.multiply.com/photos/album/34/Wolfgang_-_The_Black_Christmas_Project

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