To the summit of Mt. Pulag

By 4:00 am, Narod and I were already set to climb the summit of Mt. Pulag.  I believe we’ve also packed our stuff in preparation for the trek back to the Ranger Station.  Around the same time, Verchie and Allan were already awake.  I shared breakfast with them.  “Ang walang kamatayang peanut butter sandwich!” (Brought to you by Gardenia and Lily’s)  That was for our carb-intake.  For our protein, we had Eng Bee Tin beef jerky. Yummy!  Finally, we had safari chocolate bars for our dessert! Solb!!!

Around 5:00 am, we started to climb to the summit.  It was dark and muddy.  Halfway thru the trail, the wind started to blow again. Towards the end of the trail to the summit, it was drizzling again. I felt cold again.

The 2-hour seemed too long.  The hills seemed endless.  But finally we got there.

It felt good being on top of Mt. Pulag. However, it was a bit frustrating because there was no site to see. It was foggy, windy and rainy.  Later we found out that it’s best to climb Mt. Pulag during summers.

It was my first time to climb. I practically wasn’t physically fit for this climb. Thus, reaching the summit of Pulag was an achievement for me.