The Survivors of Mt. Pulag

My friends (Allan, Verchie, Trinka and Katja) and I joined the mountaineering group, Encircle, to climb Mt. Pulag.

Here’s an incomplete photo of the group…

Here’s the complete photo of the group (minus Chester, the photographer. hehe)…

Guys and gals, thank you so much for making my first climb fun and memorable! =.D

5 Replies to “The Survivors of Mt. Pulag”

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  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your site while I was checking my stats and the search terms. We also climbed Mt. Pulag during the long weekend of November to December. 🙂

    Btw, I know that guy in green shirt and orange scarf. 🙂


  3. И Рождество как маг, волшебник,
    Как драгоценный талисман.
    Здоровья, бодрость и веселье,
    И счастье пусть подарит Вам.
    , спасибо за ваш блог, с Рождеством вас и ваших читателей!