Climbing Mt. Pulag

About 1:00 pm (November 29, Saturday), we started to climb Mt. Pulag.  Our trail leaders, Brian and Winna, advised us to put on our rain gear.  I was wearing 4 layers of clothing – Torpe shirt, white lon sleeves, U2 jacket, and raincoat. Plus, I was also wearing my bonnet, shemag and hand gloves.  It was already cold at the jump off point.

Just a few minutes from the Ranger Station and you can notice the fog.

Our group was climbing on a single file. I was just a few persons away from the trail leader.

The rest of the group was just a few steps behind.

In the first 1/3 of the trail, we have encountered the steepest / most difficult part of the climb.  I found myself gasping for air after that part of the trail. Good thing there was a “rest house” near by where we all had a 5-minute break.

The rest of the trail were not as steep as the first part but it was definitely NOT easy, not to mention it was so muddy.

Around 4:00 pm, we arrived at Camp Site 2.

As you can see it’s really cold, foggy and windy.  I was exhausted and chilling because of the cold.

We were suppose to camp to at another site. But because of the bad weather, our trail leader decided we set up our tents in camp site 2 instead.