Medical Exam at Pro Lab

As a new employee at One Hundred Services, Inc., I am required to submit a standard pre-employment medical examination.  The standard medical exam includes:

  1. Urinalysis
  2. Stool Exam
  3. Physical Examination (PE)
  4. Chest x-ray
  5. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, I couldn’t find time for it.

Finally, I was free Tuesday afternoon and decided to go to Clinilab.  It was My office friend, Eloi, who recommended Clinilab.   I went there but the clinic / lab has already moved to another location.  No one knows the new address.  Clinilab used to be across the Burger Machine stand here in Pasong Tamo Extension.

I walked back to the office hoping to bump into another clinic / lab that does pre-employment medical exams.  Unfortunately, there was none.  At that time, I decided to look for medical clinics / labs in E-YellowPages (

EYPFor those of you who don’t know, there is an online version of the printed Yellow Pages.  It’s called EYP or E-YellowPages.  Instead of you looking for the business establishments by literally scanning thru a thick pile of “yellow pages”, all you need to do is log on to and search!  It’s more convenient and simple to use. Try it next time you’re looking for something.

Anyway, I narrowed down the EYP search results to labs that were both very accessible from the office and cheap.  The final list had

  • Healthway: P300-500 for walk-in
  • Pro Lab: P300 for walk-in

I chose Pro Lab because it’s nearer and they’re the cheapest.

This morning I went to Prolab for my medical exam. It’s right at the back of Renaisance Hotel, along Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road).  And I received good service. Will recommend it to my new officemates who’ll be needing pre-employment medial examinations.

  • The service was fast. Really fast in fact.  The whole examination took less than an hour.
  • The people were very professional. They courteous and attended to my needs with urgency.
  • The people gave clear instructions. I never had to ask “What do I do next?”

PRO LAB DIAGNOSTICS is located at:
G/F Bm Building 928 A.Arnaiz Avenue
1223 Makati