Taking the MRT in Singapore

Since my friend, Obet, won’t be able to pick me up at the Changi Airport, I decided to take the MRT by myself. Yes! I know! It’s my first time there.

He lives near Orchard Rd. To get to his place (according to Google Maps), I have to:

  1. Take the free shuttle from Budget Terminal to Terminal 2 (where the MRT Station is)
  2. Take the MRT green line to City Hall (NS25 / EW13)
  3. Transfer to the MRT red line
  4. Take another MRT to Orchard Road (NS22)
  5. Walk to his place from there.

Here’s what the Changi MRT station looks like…  wow!

Most stations also have doors on the waiting platform.

Safe. Spacious. Clean. Convenient. Easy.  You simply buy the EZ-Link Card and go! You can also use this smart card when riding a bus.

Technically, I wasn’t really alone. I have managed to make some friends at the Airport. Meet Ronald (a Burmese national) and his nephew, John (picture at the right).

Some MRT ads…

ALL trains have designated areas / “reserved seats” for the elderly, pregnant women, people with disability and people traveling with kids/babies.  There’s also a jingle that plays to promote the seats. It goes (sings…) “Give up give up give up you seat for those in need. Love your ride!”

Finally, the map in the MRT has indicator lights.  You’ll know:

  • what stations your train will be covering
  • what your current station is
  • what’s the next station

You’ll also know on what side will the doors open.