Eraserheads After-Party at Sa Guijo

What I didn’t know was the three (3) – Raimund, Buddy and Markus – went to Sa Guijo after their reunion was cut short due to Ely’s poor health condition. Yes. I wish I was there too. I learned about it right after they played.

It was the unofficial after-party of the Eraserheads: The Reunion concert.  I was told that the 3 performed the supposedly “Second Set” of their concert.

Here are the songs of the 2nd set…

  1. maskara
  2. poorman’s grave
  3. torpedo
  4. trip to jerusalem
  5. back to me
  6. maselang bahaghari
  7. maling akala
  8. tikman
  9. spolarium
  10. magasin
  11. para sa masa
  12. overdrive
  13. pare ko
  14. minsan
  15. huling el bimbo

Got that list from the CIRCUS Yahoo! Groups.  On top of that, Ebe of Sugarfree and his brother Vin took care of the vocals.  It would have been an awesome after-party, especially if Ely was there.