Eraserheads Reunion Concert: Confirmed by

The rumors have been confirmed to be true.  An article by Ricky Lo was published dated July 13, 2008 (Sunday) at confirming the Eraserheads reunion concert on August 30, 2008.  Indeed it will be held at the CCP Open Grounds.

Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raimund will be performing on stage as the ERASERHEADS. One night only.  You can read the full article here…

I really really bow down to the organizer and the sponsor for bringing the 4 back on stage.

At this point, 3 questions remain…

  1. Who is the organizer?
  2. Who is the (sole) sponsor?
  3. How do we get TICKETS!!!!????!!!!

8 Replies to “Eraserheads Reunion Concert: Confirmed by”

  1. Sabi ng mga commentator w8 daw sa mga update sa T.v or in sites basta free ticket sama ako weeeeeeeeeeee………

    i wish sana matuloy to…..

    wala sanang gate crasher kami lng……. ^_^

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