Alegre.PH Development Philosophy

Starting today, I shall build websites that allow users to:

  1. Create content,
  2. Share,
  3. Interact and ultimately
  4. Discover.

Create Content. UGC or User-Generated Content is one of the foundations of Web 2.0. I will ensure that in the web projects that I will lear and/or work on, the users have control over the content. Users should have the facility to create and upload content. In this context, content refers to, but not limited to, text, photos, videos, blogs, comments, ratings, reviews, tags, etc.

Share. My web projects should allow users to share the content that they have created to their friends. Sharing refers to, but not limited to, email-to-friend facilities, e-newsletters, social bookmarking tools (, digg, reddit, etc.), RSS feeds, podcasting, etc.

Interact. My web projects shall allow the propagation of communities thru inter-user communication. Interaction can be in means of, but not limited to, private messaging, instant messengers, chat, forums, etc.

Discover. Finally, I would like to advocate the concept of the “long tail.” I’m an advocate not because it’s one of the new buzz words, but because I’d like everyone to know that there’s a bigger world out there. And it’s a whole lot BIGGER than how we typically perceive it on tri-media (TV, Print, and Radio).

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