Directing is my thing!

For months now, I’ve been asking myself: what do I love doing? The answer came to me after I watched “There will be Blood.” There wasn’t really any scene in particular that struck me. I just love the whole movie. And it hit me!

If I’d compare my career to a movie, I’d say I’m taking the director’s role. At this point, you’re probably confused as I am writing this blog. But allow me to explain further. I beg for your patience.As far as I know, there are 2 basic things a movie director does. One, the director puts structure into the producer / film owner’s vision. Two, the directors collaborates with talents (actors and film production people) to create the best movie ever.

In my role as the (Senior) Business Development & Operations Manager for Odyssey Next Edge, I’d like to think that I’m like a movie director, where I’m making the “movie” Jay, my boss, is the “film” owner and producer. I’m his commissioned director. As the director, I organize and put details to the vision / concept of my boss for Odyssey Next / Moreover, I also work with various “talents” from music artists to music video directors to band managers to record label owners. Of course I still manage my “production crew” which included my A&R guys, project manager / designer and my developer. If I’m a real director, I’d like my “movie” – – to win best motion picture in the Oscars!

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