OdysseyLive.net Needs Consultants

Hi People,

We’re on the next phase of the OdysseyLive.net project – usability enhancements.  Thus, we’d like to outsource some of the work in order us to move faster.  Here is a list of the mini consulting projects that needs to be done:

1.    Optimize page loading:

Goal: To make the web pages of odysseylive.net load faster
Deliverable:  Prototype at least 3 implementations on how to optimize the page loading with its advantages & disadvantages

2.    Enhance uploading process:

Goal: To make uploading of mp3 convenient for artists
a.    Prototype web application that automatically creates an ftp account (with certain space limits) for a newly signed up member and emails the new member the ftp details
b.    Prototype web application that automatically converts the bitrate of any mp3 to 112Kbps before uploading the encoded mp3 to the servers

5.    SEO:

Goal: To make OdysseyLive the top music / entertainment brand in the Manila/Philippines in the top Search Engines
a.    Make recommendations for Search Engine Optimization

6.    SEM:

Goal: To make OdysseyLive.net visible in all the various social networking websites
a.    Create embed widget for the top / recommended / featured songs in odysseylive.net w/c they can embed in their other social networks
b.    Create embed widget for the users’ fave playlist w/c they can embed in their other social networking websites

7.    Network administration:

Goal: To monitor / maintain / secure the host servers of odysseylive.net
a.    Make routine check ups on server activities
b.    Make recommendations on server administration
c.    Recommendations on network security

Please select the project/s that you’re interested with.  Prepare a separate proposal/quotation for each of the project.

Kindly send your proposals to ben [at] odysseylive.net by December 7, 2007 (Friday).

Upon collection of all the bids, Team OdysseyLive.net will review the proposals and will decide to whom we’ll award each of the project.

Feel free to email me at ben [at] odysseylive.net if you have some questions. Moreover, you may share this to other developers who might also be interested with the projects.


Support your “starving” local artists!

Web: www.alegre.ph
Email: ben [at] alegre [dot] ph
Mobile: +63.917.525.3473

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